Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Crossfit Day 439 - ANOTHER RX and Power Snatch PR - 11/18/14

BOOM. Talk about feeling awesome lately! I feel awesome lately. I don't want to ruin this! PLEASE STAY, AWESOME FEELING! I am happy, confident, I feel good, I'm sleeping well, the business and our people are good, Dave is good, dogs are good. Everything is just.. great.

It's cool and crisp out (a little too cool and crisp tonight, dipping down into the high 20s/low 30s whaaat) but otherwise it's pretty beautiful out. I wanted to make sure I went to the gym tonight, just in case tomorrow night was a bit too frigid for my Florida blood.

Anyway, Power Snatch 1RM today. I've been stuck at 125 for months. YEARS. My stats said 130, but I did that once and then hadn't been able to do it again. I could only get 125 again.. and again and again.

But.. tonight, I did 135! WHAT. YES. I pulled, I focused on my hip action, or at least I thought I did, and I just.. got under the bar and did it! I didn't even feel like I struggled. I feel like, my strength is there, so now I need to get my technique under wraps. My snatch form is not the greatest, by any means and tonight is proof that a little good form will go a long way.

I SNATCHED 135!!! Are you kidding me?!?! Let's fucking crush this WOD!


7 Rounds
1 min
 10 hang power snatch (75/55 pshhhhh)
ME DU remaining time
1 min Rest

Score is total number of DUs.

Okay so my DUs are simply not the greatest, but that's okay. I can do them, and I'll do them one at a time if I need to, so whatevs.

I ended up scoring 53 total. I would nail out the snatches in 15-20 seconds each round. Those were light and easy peasy. It was the DUs that just took my breath away! But I did 53 of them and I was proud of every single one!

And you know what?? I RXED! :) AND I PRED!!

Crossfit Day 438 - Another RXed WOD - 11/17/14

My reps may have sucked, but I tried and I RXed that shit! I struggled and I did it. I earned those little red letters next to my name. RX.

So a little back story.. usually with Toes to Bar, I'll do the first 5 legit, and then say fuck it, this is going to take too long (because usually they're in a WOD that's RFT and not an AMRAP) but instead tonight, I chose to work through them. Do each one the right way, regardless of my score, and I did!!

Guess how you get better? You fucking practice. And you try. And you suck, and you fail and you cry about it, and one day... it sucks less, you fail less, and you start to get it more, and you smile instead of cry because you're making progress AND THEN ONE DAY.. you just get it. And then others look at you and say "OMG I'm so jeallouussss I wish I could do that!" It's almost discrediting. It's like I just want to say.. then fucking work for it. If you want it badly enough, you'll WORK for it! Don't envy others, use them as motivation to get yourself to where you want to be. Envy doesn't get us anywhere.

The worst thing (and I'm guilty of it too..) is seeing something you suck at and choosing to avoid it, because you'll never get better at something if you give up before you even start. You never improve if you don't at least try once in awhile.

So anyway.. off soapbox.. Our WOD was the following:

10 min AMRAP
30 plyo push ups (2 45lb plates/1 45lb plate)
30 T2B
20 plyo push ups
20 T2B
10 plyo push ups
10 T2B

And then repeat.

I got a whopping score of 73, but you know what?? I RXED IT! I didn't give up, I suffered through it, my hands hurt, my shoulders hurt.. but I did it. I fucking did it! and it felt so good.

Crossfit Day 437 - Hero DT - 11/5/14

So in the past, I have enjoyed Hero DT, and I remembered it being one of those WODs where halfway through you're like. WHAT am I DOING here...?? And it was exactly that. Reading the rep counts is deceiving. It doesn't seem that difficult! Then you look at the weight and you're like.. oh...

Hero DT is a Hero WOD obviously, and we did it for Veterans Day this year.

12 deadlifts (155/115)
9 hang cleans
6 push jerks

Well last year, they made the RX weight 105 for girls. The technical RX weight is 115. Last year I finished in 11:35 at 105lbs. This year, I did 115 lbs and finished over a whole minute slower at 12:42. I was so bummed about it, but when I went back and realized that last year's weight was lighter, it really helped me cope.

 So this year, I finished at 12:42 but was using more weight. I should be able to deal, but holy hot damn those hang cleans got heavy really quickly! You don't realize how important those 'power' movements are until you have them taken away.

Crossfit Day 436 - 11/10/14

My schedule has gone all out of whack, but I'm okay with it! I've been supplementing yoga in with my training and I actually feel great. That or I'm having a great two weeks and I need to just embrace and enjoy it. :)

So I didn't think this one would be so awful, but I was wrong.

45 pull ups
45 thrusters (95/65)

I thought I could RX it! 17 pull ups in, I changed my mind..but by that time, I was so spent from the 17 RX ones, that I was just a mess. I ended up finishing way slower than what I wanted, because of those first 17 rx pull ups. :( My time was 11:46.

and holy hell, those thrusters were murder after the PUs! Seriously.. I was all like NBD before, and then bam.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Crossfit Day 435 - Isabel PR - 11/4/14

The last only time I did Isabel was with Dezi at our strength comp and I scored 3:19. I remember texting Tom after I was done, because he had said that anything under 3 was REALLY good. I got 3:19 and was a little bummed, because Isabel shouldn't be difficult for me!

Isabel is 30 snatches (135/95) for time.

Tonight we did Isabel, and I really wanted to make sure I got in to do it! I didn't waste too much time going through our strength stuff, because I didn't want to wear myself out. I did some light weight snatches, got comfortable with the movements, warmed up, and then it was time.

I had Tom cheering me on and pushing me to go. 3-2-1 GO and bam. I banged out 10 snatches in the first 30 seconds. Holy shit! Keep going Alicia!

I ended up finishing at 2:47. Whaaaaat... Isabel in 2:47! There should be a spot on the board for that number. :) I was so excited! Talk about face hurting from smiling so much. My cheeks literally hurt, and it was so awesome. :)

Crossfit Day 434 - 11/1/14

I have no idea what I did in terms of the WOD, (sad) but I do remember there were cleans, and probably heavy ones. How do I know? Facebook. Thank you, facebook! I shared this little gem later that morning.

My collarbones are suffering from the power cleans I've been doing this week. Man, the cleans feel amazing, but the aftermath is brutal. Still, it's a 'good' hurt! Gotta work on faster elbows if I'm gonna keep this up! ‪#‎crossfit‬ ‪#‎crossfitproblems‬

Crossfit Day 433 - Another RX in the Books - 10/30/14

WOD: 12 Minute Climbing Ladder

10 – Air Squats
5 – Pull Ups
5 – KBS (70/55)

*Add 1 Pull Up/KBS each Round
* Air Squats stay the same each round

Such a great feeling to RX workouts! Smiling so much my face hurts, seriously. 

I had one of the lower scores on the board, but it was RX! 5 rounds plus 3 reps. I'll take it!

Crossfit Day 432 - Power Cleans - 10/28/14

WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP

9 – Power Cleans (155/105)
5 – MU’s
15 – Power Cleans
5 – MU’s
21 – Power Cleans
5 – MU’s

the scale for Muscle Ups was Pull ups or C2B. I did C2B with a band, and was able to get through them! Man oh man, though. I feel like, for the first time ever, I got the movement down properly for my cleans. Whaaat? Yeah. As in, I opened up my hips when I was supposed to and the shit just flew up to my front rack!

Only downside is, I'm not used to moving my elbows fast enough to get under the bar, so the bar has been landing on my collarbones instead, particularly my right one. It just means I have something else to work on, and those 105s felt good! 

Crossfit Day 431 - 10/25/14

I'd love to share with you about how awesome it was, but I have no recollection of what we did. It was a Saturday WOD and nothing was posted on the site. :(

I just remember my quads hurting. SWEET.

Crossfit Day 430 - Another Bring a Friend Day - 10/21/14

This bring a friend day was a chipper WOD, and also a partner WOD. This was an interesting one, because my partner was newer to crossfit and didn't know (or wasn't comfortable doing) a lot of the movements.

I've debated for awhile on how to post this, because I in no way had any sort of resentment towards him for this! I just wanted him to try his best and do what he could, and I would carry our little team all the way through however else I needed to.

The WOD was:

100 DU or SU (I did singles, lightning!)
50 ball slams
50 push ups
100 DU/SU
50 hose slams
50 wall balls
800m run (we each rowed 400m)
50 wall balls
50 hose slams
100 DU/SU
50 push ups
50 ball slams
100 DU/SU

So. It went like that.. you go, then I go, and we keep switching off til we're done.

He hadn't done jump ropes since elementary? So my biggest goal for him that night was getting comfortable with a jump rope. Throughout the workout, for every 50 singles I did, I wanted him to TRY 10 singles. And he did! We were a team. I didn't care if they were one at a time, he tried, and that's what counts.

We KILLED those ball slams! We each took turns with those, and he really did well with them once he got the hang of the movement!

Same with push ups and hose slams. Boys are good at these things, so he really got to shine here!

Wall balls were a struggle I think mainly because of the coordination. He got the hang of it and we took turns as much as we needed to. The second set of wall balls I ended up doing I think entirely on my own, just because of how winded he was. He was working out harder than he had in YEARS, and I was so proud of him for showing up and putting in the work!

In the end, I let him finish up with his 10 jump ropes. We finished in 29 minutes, with a 30 min time cap. :)

You never get better by standing on the sidelines.