Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crossfit Day 427 - Saturday WOD - 10/11/14

2 Person Buddy WOD
5 min each station

1. ME Wall Balls (one person has the wall ball, but both partners squat. You just pass it back and forth every time you throw the ball)
2. ME Sled Drag (50m = 1 rep) at 95lbs
3. ME OH Lunges (25lb plate)
4. ME Box Jump Overs (20")
5. ME Clean and Jerk (95lbs)

Every station has a 15 burpee buy in. 2 min rest between stations.

Isla was my partner, and we did AWESOME together!!! We ended up completing 283 reps total. 

we started on Lunges
108 lunges
74 box jump overs
43 clean and jerks
52 box jump overs
6 sled drags


Crossfit Day 426 - 10/8/14

This was a great WOD!

60 – Box Jumps (24/20)
60 – KBS (55/35)
60 – Ring Push Ups
60 – Strict Press (45/35)

Finished in 16:54, and did regular push ups (ring push ups destroy/hurt/entirely mess up my left shoulder). I wasn't willing to injure myself beyond repair, so, I did regular push ups.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Crossfit Day 425 - 5 T2B in a Row! - 10/6/14

It doesn't seem like a huge feat, and I've been able to do Toes to Bar for quite some time now, but... today I did 5 back to back to back to back to back! Just like, non stop! WHAAAAT. I used to do one at a time. T2B, down, turn around, another T2B, down, turn around, another T2B. Like this endless crazy insane rotation til I was done with my reps but nooooooooo. I did 5!!! FIVE!! I was pretty excited about that! Even when I feel like there's no progress being made, my body surprises me with little gifts here and there.

The workout was the following:

2 Scores
5 wall balls (20/16) but I used a 20lb ball. NBD.
5 T2B

2 min rest

5 deadlifts (225/155)
5 lateral bar burpees

My score was 4+4 and 4+6. Happy with that! Especially since it was sort of RX+ with that 20lb wall ball. BEAMING!

The score sucked, but eh. I mean, I don't know. When I look at the other scores, I'm proud of mine and I'm still reminded that I still have some of the lowest numbers when it comes to gymnastics movements. Wall balls and deadlifts are no big deal, T2B and lateral bar burpees I can do, but they take time, because I'm throwing my 200+lb self around repetitively.

Speaking of my weight.. no I haven't done anything since the competition. I haven't dieted, I haven't not dieted. I've just maintained. I haven't been trying.. or when I do try, I fail. Right around 9p every night. I know I just need to get through the 1st night, but by the time 9p rolls around I'm usually like, fuck it. Whatever. And here starts my endless cycle of no success. AWESOME! Yeah I'm disappointed, but.. whatever. I will get back on track again.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Crossfit Day 424 - 2 mile row and 60 GHD Sit Ups - 10/1/14

My feet/foot are still recovering from sled sprints, and actually, believe it or not but freakin stretching is what helps it the most. BUT in an effort to not exacerbate my almost recovered injury, I did a 2 mile row instead of a 1 mile run, and 60 GHD Sit Ups instead of 100 abmat sit ups. Was a win/win for me!

I did my 2 mile row in about 18 minutes, at about a 7-8 resistance, and not in a hurry at all, and then 60 GHDSU in another 6 min. (10 every minute was my goal, then rest.. then 10 more..)

It was wonderful and I was SORE FOR DAYS from the GHDSU. Exactly what I wanted, aw yeahh.

Crossfit Day 423 - Snatch, Clean and Jerk Max Out Day - 9/29/14

Find your 1RM Snatch
Find your 1RM C&J

I pulled a snatch at 115. Failed 135. My 1RM is 130.

Did 175 for Clean and Jerk, which is my current PR. :)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

My First RX Competition - The Bro Down Ho Down Throw Down - 9/21/14

Soooooooo yes it was a strength competition, but it was still my first RX competition! Dezi and I partnered up for this one. We headed down EARLY Sunday morning to Altamonte Springs, to CrossFit Tire Factory, for the festivities!

A good time was had by all! Lauren Brooks was hosting the event, so that was really cool! We got to meet her and I even got a shirt autographed by her for my beloved coach Tom. :)

I had so much more to say about this, like... talk about the WODs specifically but.. this was 3 weeks ago already. We did our best in each WOD, and we even did some things we didn't think we could do! AND we RXed it all! I was super proud of the both of us for getting up and showing up and doing our best.

We didn't place last, either! A big deal. We ended up placing 6th out of 7, but I'm okay with that. :) We've got work to do, but we freakin did it.

I even got to see my e-bff Jamie and her man Ed! I also introduced Dezi to Ikea.. and took her to her first ever trip to the infamous store, as well. All in all, a great weekend, no regrets!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crossfit Day 422 - My First 30" Box Jump - 9/23/14

NERVOUS! I didn't want to do it, but I wanted to do it! My very first 30" box jump! I hesitated like.. 6 times. And finally got the courage to do it.

WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP

12 – Hang Power Snatch (95/65)
8 – Box Jumps (34/30″)

I ended up doing 5 total, 4 for the WOD. I FUCKING DID A 30" BOX JUMP! Big day! Then I flipped it after 4 reps into the workout and did 24" box jumps instead. It was a busted shin waiting to happen, as I was BARELY clearing the box. eeek.

Proud day, regardless. :)  I ended up completing 4+9 for the WOD. Woo!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crossfit Day 421 - 9/16/14

Bring a Friend Day, September. YAY! I didn't bring a friend, as usual.

It was a chipper, and it was rough.

30 burpees
30 push ups
30 sit ups
30 slam balls (30/20)
400m run (I rowed)
30 slam balls
30 sit ups
30 push ups
30 burpees

I finished in 20:01, and that was only because Tom was there pushing me to keep going during those last few burpees. I was hoping for sub 20, but oh well. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crossfit Day 420 - 1RM Sumo DL - 9/12/14

Strength: Find a 1RM Sumo Deadlift

WOD: 5 Rounds for Time

8 – C2B
10 – Over/Unders (24/20″)
12 – Air Squats

I maxed out at 265 for my SDL, which was great. I didn't want to go any further than that. It's such an awkward pull anyway. Not for me. The WOD looked okay.. LOOKED okay. Then I got to the over-unders. I asked if I could do over-overs. Nope. I'm sure this jumping did NOT help the foot situation, but of course, it didn't hurt while I was doing it, so.. CARRY ON!

Over Unders suck. You have to jump 20" over a PVC pipe, and then drop to the floor and roll under it. I did not like those.  I didn't like the awkwardness of throwing myself down on the floor and rolling around. Stupid.

I stopped at 4 rounds, completely unashamed. Usually there is some guilt involved but I was done with this WOD before it even started.

I love my gym, but man.. I must be going through a CrossFit rut right now, because I just haven't been motivated to go, and when I DO go, I'm like ehhhhh.. let's get this over with. I don't know if it's just another phase, I'm sure it is. I really need to get back to yoga, because I want to be doing SOMETHING, but I haven't been too particularly excited about the teachers who will be teaching at the times that I can make it.

I am owning up to lacking the motivation, and I know that only forcing myself to go, whether it's to CF or yoga, can get me back into the groove of going.

Still Recovering from Foot Pain - 9/20/14

This is just stupid. It's my own fault. I am not stretching the way I should be, because when I COULD be stretching, I feel okay. It's not until I stand up and try to walk that I'm like, omg I need to do something about this. So, I'm a fool. I keep doing things to aggravate my arch, but.. on a positive note, it IS getting better.

I'm sure the DUs and the box jumps and the running and the sprints all contributed to the injury. Standing on my feet all day barefoot at the office does not help either. Like I said, I recognize that it's my own fault. Of course it feels way better after I move around and it's all warmed up. I went to the gym for a bit yesterday and I forgot that it was even hurt to begin with. It's more of an itchy ache on the inside of my heel, right on the underside of my foot, where the heel attaches to my arch. Such fun.

Just in time for a strength competition tomorrow! Very excited. :)