Monday, June 29, 2015

Crossfit Day 487 - 6/29/15

Never miss a Monday! Thanks Pete for sharing those words. Since I read them on Facebook a few weeks back, I have made it a point to not miss a Monday (and it's also the reason why I did Fran almost a month ago, stupid Mondays.. regretfully.)

But, here we are, another Monday. I got home early enough to make the 4:30p class, so it was nice and hot out for all of us to enjoy. Luckily, it was a fairly small class, so we didn't have to die all over each other.

We started our Wendler Deadlift Cycle today too, and I'd like to stick with it, if possible.
I worked off 90% of my 1RM which is 335, so I used a working weight of 300lbs.
I did
2 x 5 at 225 (I miscounted. and instead of doing 1 x 5 at 195, I was at 225 by accident, whoops.
Strong people problems.)
1 x 6 at 255 (85%)
2 x 10 at 155.

After those two sets of 10 I could feel it in my back so I decided to stop.

Our WOD today was:
12 min AMRAP
3 rounds of Cindy (5/10/15)
200m Run (I rowed)

I finished 6+3

Crossfit Day 486 - Hero Kalsu - 6/26/15

Kalsu is my official anniversary WOD at CFTC. I have done really great, and I have done really poorly at it. I have now done it 4 times, and I'm hoping I'm in better shape next year when I have to do it again.

This was my first year RXing the weight, but I got killed by the burpees. Last year, I did 20lbs under the RX weight at 75, but was able to almost do 5 burpees each round. This year, about 8 min in, I went from 5 burpees to 3 burpees and just said fuck it. Tried my hardest to do as many thrusters at 95 fucking pounds in each of the remaining 30-40 seconds, but oh my god it was awful. Two years ago I did all the burpees, and used 65lbs the whole time.

I also went to the 7a class, which I never do. I wonder if not eating anything had anything to do with it? I can make all the excuses I want, I simply am not in the same shape now that I was a year ago. Unfortunately.

Only I can change that though. I say it every now and then, but usually stuff like this is a good kicker and motivator for me to get my shit together. So here we go.. Time to get serious again.

After Kalsu 2015.

Crossfit Day 485 - Bring a Friend Day - 6/24/15

Bring a Friend Days are like surprises. We never know what we're going to get, but I was assured early on it was a good one by Russ.

He didn't let me down.

First we did a 500m row for time, max effort. I've never done this before, I don't think. I hopped on and started going balls to the wall. Gassed myself about a minute in and just kept trying to keep going. Ended up getting my 500m row time of 1:50.8, which is 1 second slower than my last time from over a year ago. Now that I have a benchmark, I'm going to try for it again soon.

4 min AMRAP
10 push press (95/65)
12 push ups
14 KB (55/35)

2 min rest

4 min AMRAP
8 PP
10 PU
12 KB

2 min rest

4 min AMRAP
6 PP
8 PU
10 KB

Pretty crazy! Especially after the push ups and ring rows I had just done the day before, hah. Good lord.

I finished 7+9 reps RX of course.

Crossfit Day 484 - Scaling everything - 6/23/15

Just keep going. Get dressed, drink your coffee, do what you need to go, and go to the damn gym.

That kept me going all last week. I was proud of my 4 days! I haven't done that in a long time, and it felt amazing.

Tuesday's WOD was:
20 min amrap
10 Pistols (5 per leg)
15 pull ups

I scaled ALL of it and had no shame.

My shoulder was sore from who knows what, so I didn't want to push it with HSPUs. I did regular push ups instead.

the last time I tried pistols, legit pistols, was over 3 years ago and I about blew my knee out. Since then, I've always used a band, or held on to the post, or both. I did both this time.

and I went for the pull ups, but for whatever reason, it also wrecked my shoulder/neck/trap muscles on my left side, so I asked Russ real quick what a good substitute would be and he recommended ring rows.

So. I did 5 push ups, 10 assisted pistols, and 15 ring rows. In 20 min, I completed 8+10 rounds. No shame, no guilt. I didn't hurt myself, and I was damn proud of that as I walked out of the gym that night.

Crossfit Day 483 - hang cleans and front squats - 6/22/15

You say hang cleans, power cleans and front squats, and I'm there! Especially for a WOD. Those 3 movements are music to my ears!

Then you throw in the 1000m row buy in, and you just pretend to not hear that part. Because holy fuck, 1000m row before a bunch of weightlifting is ridiculous.

Luckily, I was able to come in the morning and WOD with Tom after the 10a class. We actually wodded together, which is something I haven't done with Tom in a long time!! Very cool.

I did a 1RM 1 squat clean + 2 hang power cleans + 3 front squats at 125. The hardest was the grip on the hang cleans, whoa.


1000m row buy in
3 rounds of
9 power cleans (95/65)
7 hang cleans
5 front squats

The 2nd part of the WOD should've taken me like, 3 minutes. The row took me almost 5 min bleh.

I finished in 9:10 and that was a total gasser! Holy hell.

Looking back at the other girls' scores, I'm pretty happy with how I did. Only 1 girl beat my time, and she's one of the top girls at the gym! I'll take it. :) Here I am, beating myself up for not getting a faster time, but I'm also comparing myself to the guys, who row faster and better than my short self.

Celebrating a great WOD by visiting Robeks afterwards for fresh smoothies!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Three Years with CrossFit Total Control - 3 Year Anniversary - 6/14/15

So my 3 year anniversary with CFTC was slightly anti-climactic, although I did put in a great WOD in honor of it! I love my gym. It probably makes the top 5 all-time favorite things in my life. If I had to actually list those things, I'd have a difficult time, but here; let's try it anyway.

5 All Time Favorite Things in My Life (not in any particular order)
CrossFit Total Control
Dali Decals
My Family (dogs, Dave, Mom, sisters, etc, etc, etc)

omg... there's a 12 way tie for the rest of the items.. My car, my phone, my computer, my baby blanket, my dad's gun and knife collection, etc!

But anyway, you get the idea, so we'll just go with CFTC is in my Top 3 All Time Favorite Things, for sure! Screw top 5.

This year has been an interesting one, as always. The day to day aspect seems rather boring, but as a whole, there are highs and lows, fun things and horrible things, great days and bad days, lots of happy, lots of sad and depressed, lots of confused, lots of feeling not so great, or hot, or amazing. I always try to be positive, and apparently it shows, because people walk up to me and compliment how positive I always am... to which I want to reply "You have no fucking idea."

but I don't. I'm just like "oh ha yeah thanks! Fake it til you make it!" (big smile)

My amino acid experimentation, my strengths, my slacking off at the gym, buying a new house and then moving into it, dealing with myself, my head, my thoughts, my emotions. What do I really want? Is this really what I want to do? Why do I always hurt? Why can't I get better? Why can't I just eat less? Then I eat less, then I feel amazing, then I'm like, oh yeah time for some fried chicken to celebrate! {resume endless cycle}

But. I'm happy, for the most part. I'm still here. I'm still alive. I'm still working out. I still show up with a smile. I still love what I do, and I will keep going back for more. I hope I can keep going til the day I die. CrossFit has changed my life, and I will say it again and again.

I am so thankful for my CFTC Family. These people make up the most amazing support team and community. I am so glad I met Russ when I did, that I walked into that gym after losing my first gym (I left) and I was challenged from Day 1.

My amazing Gym representation at Rep Your Box 4. CrossFit Total Control.
What do I want moving forward? I want more real positivity. I want real self-love, I want real self-confidence. I want real happiness and contentment with myself. I want to be okay with me at all times. I want to be more accepting of myself, of my body, my strengths and weaknesses. I want to show up more and face challenges head on. I want to tackle my problems instead of shying away from them. I want the rest of my 34th year to be fucking awesome, because I said so. 

Coffee Cheers

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Crossfit Day 482 - OHS What Fun - 6/15/15

Back to the gym! A friend once said, never miss a Monday, so I went.

overhead squat 3×10 - I worked with 85lbs for 10 reps. Good enough for me.


21 ohs (135/95) or (115/75)
3 rope climb
15 ohs
3 rope climb
9 ohs
3 rope climb

I RXed everything except I did 1 rope climb instead of 3 in between each set of OHS. I finished in 8:39.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Crossfit Day 481 - 2 Days in a Row - 6/11/15

Like WHOA. I haven't done 2 days in a row in quite some time! WHAT? Yeah. I thought for sure I'd be dead after my Filthy 30 WOD the day before, but nope. I actually felt really good! And went back for more.

It was a great one, too. I saw hang power cleans and was like, I'm so there.

8 min ME hang power cleans (115/75)

each time you break, perform 15 squats

3 min rest

8 min ME hang power snatch (75/55)

each time you break 15 squats

*score is cleans/snatches/squats*

I did 80 hang power cleans at 75 lbs in 8 minutes, and 75 air squats.

For the 2nd round, I did 64 hang power snatches at 55 lbs in 8 minutes, and also 75 air squats.

My score was 80/64/150

I was pretty happy with that! :) 

Crossfit Day 480 - Filthy 50 - Feels so Good! - 6/10/15

Okay so I did the Filthy 30... apparently I've never done Filthy 50 before! There was one time where I was close to it, but bailed at the last minute. Totally okay with that.

So.. here's what I did! 30 reps of each though, instead of 50.

For time:
50 Box jump, 24 inch box (20in box)
50 Jumping pull-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1 pood (25 was RX for women, I did 30lbs)
Walking Lunge, 50 steps
50 Knees to elbows
50 Push press, 45 pounds (35lb RX for women)
50 Back extensions
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball (16lb RX for women, I did 20lb)
50 Burpees
50 Double unders (double singles, so 60 total.)

Finished in 25:05

I was happy that I scaled. At first, I was bummed about scaling, but then I was like, screw it. I'm not winning anything here. Get a good workout in and don't hurt yourself. That's the goal. And I did it. And it was awesome. :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Crossfit Day 479 - Back Squat PR and some mild Rhabdo from Fran - 6/1/15

HOLY HELL. For the first time in... almost a year. I did 265 last July and missed 275 twice by not going low enough. I also remember hurting/popping something in my back and thinking, jesus christ, you are such an idiot for trying..

I got 275 this time! I missed my first attempt, I panicked, actually, and dropped the bar off my back behind me. Two strong boys came over and lifted the bar up for me and I was encouraged to try it again. I bumped it down to 265, did it, and then went back up to 275 and I GOT IT! :)

That was pretty awesome.

Then.. the WOD was Fran. I haven't done a legit Fran since my Level 1, and that was half-assed Fran with jumping pull-ups. I really wanted to try to RX it, but at the last minute, decided to use a band instead. Because I haven't been wodding regularly, I didn't think it would be a good idea to jump into it and RX 45 pull ups.

AND... to do Fran in any great length of time really doesn't do anything that great for you. So I figured, whatever. I'll use a band. I don't want to hurt myself or my pride.  So. I used a black band. Screw it, whatevs. I don't want this to be a 15 min ordeal anyway.

I got started, did all my thrusters unbroken at 65lbs. I got up to the bar and divided my pull ups into 2 segments, no big deal. It took some time and my arms were feeling it.

By the end, (I finished in 9:04) I was smoked. My arms were shaking, sore and weak. I could barely lift my hands up when I went to wash my face after the WOD. I was like, good lord, I'm glad I used a band. Got home, drank my BCAAs, took my glutamine, and hoped for the best.

My right arm hurt more than my left, I figured because I'm left handed, so my left side was stronger. Undressing was an ordeal, and I started to worry. Sleeping was okay, but I couldn't get comfortable. My arms hurt so badly.  And when I say arms, I mean where my biceps attach to my forearms, I guess. If you hold your arm straight out, palm faced in, and pinch the inside and outside of your elbow, it's that muscle. The inside elbow bicep connective thing. Yes? Yes. From a google image search, it is apparently the bicep tendon where the pain is.

It got worse the next day. I started googling "mild rhabdo symptoms" and "mild rhabdo treatment" and didn't get a whole lot of promising results, so I did the next best thing... I drank lots of water, took lots of glutamine, drank my BCAAs and kept an eye on my pee color. (If it's dark brown, like soda or tea, it's bad news. Get to the hospital immediately!) The soreness was what threw me off. My arms hurt to straighten all the way out, but I would do it to stretch the muscles. Once I had them outstretched long enough, the soreness would alleviate, only to come back again.  But I could still use my arms. They weren't giving out. I obviously didn't work out, but I still had to move stuff around, pick up some heavy things at the office, etc, and was fine doing so.

I didn't want to tell anyone about it because I didn't want to go to the hospital for something that I've been through before (too many squats, too many GHD sit ups, all on my own accord) and I knew I'd recover and be fine after a few days. I also told myself that if my pee turned brown in any form, that I'd take it more seriously and seek legit medical attention.

The soreness lasted from Monday night through probably Thursday. Sleeping was awful because of how I like to position my arms. I couldn't take my shirts or sports bras off without being in fairly excruciating pain. I couldn't push myself up off a seat (like an L-sit type thing), it was pretty awful.

Friday I was feeling more normal, but the WOD had rope climbs and I was like, no. I'm not doing that. And I didn't want to scale either. I didn't want to overdo it, and I didn't want to sound like a whining child (so you know, the best alternative is to do nothing at all... right..) I also figured the healing time wouldn't be a bad thing.

So... here we are, a full week later, and my arms are fine. I can't see any swelling, they don't hurt, although during my massage last night, my biceps were definitely tender when they were being worked on. I can stretch them out with zero pain or discomfort. My pee is perfect. I'll be returning to the gym tonight. :)

Am I saying here's what to do if you experience what you believe might be mild rhabdo? Absolutely not. Am I saying it worked for me in my situation? I don't even know if I had rhabdo, but whatever the fuck I did to myself, it hurt really bad (could've just been DOMS) and I treated myself with rest, lots of water, lots of glutamine and lots of BCAA, which is what I would do after any crazy workout where I felt pain afterwards.

Here's my PR picture. :)

275lb Back Squat! 10 lb PR!