Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Crossfit Day 507 - The Day we Hurt Ourselves - 8/17/15

The worst part about hurting yourself is not knowing how exactly you hurt yourself. There was no particular moment where the hurt happened, it just.. started happening. And it was well after the workout. I had nothing to go off of. Sucked.

The WOD:
12 min amrap
200m run
5 strict burpees
10 push press (135/95)
15 deadlift (135/95)

So.. I RXed this shit. All the way down to the running and strict burpees.  Planky plank legit push up burpees. They were actually pretty great, because I personally couldn't bang through them, so they didn't wear me out. Yes, please!

200m run, yes I ran! Wow..

The push press at 95 was actually a little difficult for me, but I did it anyway. I'm used to jerking when the weight gets a little heavier, but jesus, my push press PR is like I dunno, 50, 60? 70? lbs more than this. What's the problem? Whatever.

And the DL weight was a joke. EASY PEASY.

So of course I hurt myself. How? No idea. But after the WOD I felt a tightness in my left trap, sharpness around the left side of my spine, down to my shoulder, so awesome. There was nothing I could do except wait it out. It got so tight that I couldn't turn my head very far left or right, and any weight on that part of my spine (hanging my head a certain way) was sharp and excruciating. Sleep was also lots of fun, as every time I moved, I obviously had to bring my head with me.

Here we are, I write this literally 10 or so days later and I actually still have the pain (but I didn't stop working out.. hmm..)

Anyway, I RXed that shit. And well, you know, that's all that matters.

Crossfit Day 506 - 8/14/15

Hey cool! Let's do some shit we don't like, awesome.

20 mins skill work
for time:
1000m row
30 overhead squats (95/65)
30 chest to bar pullups
500m row
15 overhead squats
15 chest to bar pullups

I just love OHS......

 I finished in 18:17. I used a band, I did the RX weight, and I rowed. Gasser. Put rowing in a wod and it's an instant gasser, kinda like burpees, except you never really recover from rowing. At least I don't. And it's not even hard! wtf.

Crossfit Day 505 - 20lb wall balls, we meet again - 8/13/15

So I mashed this one up, what a surprise.

10-1 descending ladder

wallballs (20/16)
weighted pistols (25/15)
*8 ring push-ups after every round*

I used a 20lb wall ball, I did double air squats because pistols are stupid, and I did 8 regular push ups. thug life.

So... 10 wall balls at 20lbs, 20 air squats, 8 push ups. 9 wall balls at 20lbs, 18 air squats, 8 push ups, and so on.. (8, 16, 8; 7, 14, 8......)

Yeah. 20lb wall balls are no joke, but they're also really freaking awesome. I killed that shit. Finished in 15:05, none of it was RX, but the wall balls were RX+ so there.

Mid air during my 20lb wall ball excitement.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Crossfit Day 504 - 4 Position Complex PR - 8/11/15

I love PRs, especially when they are on movements I'm not so fond of, like... HANG SQUAT CLEANS. Really? Not a fan. I'll do hang cleans, I'll do power cleans, I'll do squat cleans, but... hang squat cleans? Sigh.

1 Power Clean - 1 Hang Squat Clean - 1 Push Jerk - 1 Split Jerk

I was doing alright with this, and then I missed 155, as in I missed the hang pull. I was determined to get 155, but I really hate failing, to the point where I want to quit and be like, nevermind, I'll get it next time (I know, that doesn't really make sense.) My friend Bre ended up recording my set and encouraged me to try again. :) So I did! And I got it. 155lbs! Highest weight for the girls that day. HELL YES. and, higher than some of the boys' weights too. I'll take it.


3 rounds for time:
50 double unders
25 toes to bar
10 clean and jerks (135/95)

I did double singles, I did 25 knees to air, (my hands thanked me) and then the 10 C&J were no big deal, those were beautiful!

I finished in 14:52. Wee!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Crossfit Day 503 - 20lb Wall Ball becomes my new Standard - 8/3/15

As I prepared for my trip to Madison, WI, I of course made sure I did one more WOD before my trip! It was as follows:

12 min amrap
10 front rack lunges (115/75)
12 wall-balls (20/16)

My friend Bre and I decided to step it up and use the 20lb med balls instead of the measly 16lb ones, pshhhhhh....

holy fucking hell. My ass.
AND WHAT THE HELL TWO DAYS IN A ROW, NO BOARD PICTURE. Good thing I complained about my reps enough that I was able to dig up my score out of a text message...

66 75lb front rack lunges and 72 20lb wall balls

That means I did 6 rounds plus 6 reps.

Seriously, I couldn't walk right for a few days. But it was amazing. 

Bre and Me! We CUTE.

I always smile for the camera..

Crossfit Day 502 - 7/31/15

5×5 bench press
15 min amrap
10 ring dips
12 dynamic pushup (2×45/2×25)
14 kettlebell swings (55/35)

So.. I have no idea what I got cause nobody posted a picture of the board. DAMN IT. I remember finishing with a great rep count though!

I did banded ring dips, I did regular push ups (wrecked my shoulder, awesome) and KB swings were great. As usual! 

Crossfit Day 501 - 7/30/15

Buncha front squats, then a buncha back squats.. then..

Descending Ladder (love these) 10-1
front squats 95/65
25 DUs after each set

I did 75 lbs cause Nate said so (45lb mens bar plus 2 15lb plates, so the 10s wouldn't break. Totally legit reason)

and then I did a ski erg for 5 or 10 cals (I forget!) in place of DUs. AWESOME.

I finished in 9:13

Crossfit Day 500 - DAY 500!!!!! - 7/29/15

YOU GUYS. I have done 500 Days of CrossFit! And it was on a Bring a Friend Day and I ended up doing it by myself. I knew it was special but I didn't realize why! Now I know WHY!

Partner WOD Erik:

with TWO 55lb KBs
400m Farmer Carry (I did 200m)
50 KB Deadlift (I did 25)
25 synchronized KB squats (I did 25)
50 KB step ups (20" box) I did 25, and with 1 KB)
25 synchronized KB swings (I did 25)
50 KB lunges (I did 25, and with one KB, like a goblet squat position)
400m Farmer Carry (again, 200m)


then. 60 second wall sit. psh.

THEN 2 min max effort box jumps

I finished in 21:32 and did 24 box jumps in 2 min. Whew. THAT was rough.

Crossfit Day 499 - Stones and Bring a Friend Day - 7/28/15

I SWEAR I still have a blog, and I swear I've been working out.. Good god. I actually sort of forgot about updating this thing for a good 2 weeks. I'm sorry. At least I'm honest?

Bring a Friend Day. Wow. Well I somehow got 3 friends to show. One was an actual friend, and the other was his friend, and the 3rd was his friend's wife. Perfect.

Friend 1 about died and couldn't finish it out. Friend 2 and Friend 3 did awesome. But, they didn't come back. Oh well.

First we did some Atlas Stones work YAY. I did 115 and was happy with that.

Wall Balls
Ring Rows

Rest 4 min

Med Ball Cleans
HR Push Ups

Rest 4 min

Med Ball Sit Ups

AWESOME. I won't go into detail about my friends, but friends 2 and 3 killed it! I RXed and finished in 17:58. That was a badass workout.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Crossfit Day 498 - Death by Thrusters/Pull-Ups - 7/23/15

Pause Squat work, deload week, so lighter weight, but that stuff still gets heavy after awhile, especially with the pausing action.

For the WOD, Death by WODs are fun, usually.

Today was death by Thrusters and pull ups. Both movements in the same minute!
I knew I couldn't get more than a few thrusters and pull ups, so I modified and did ring rows. I ended up finishing at minute 10, and that was fine (so basically I did the following:

Minute 1 - 1 thruster and 1 ring row
Minute 2 - 2 thrusters and 2 ring rows
Minute 3 - 3 thrusters and 3 ring rows, etc

Pretty intense WOD regardless. I'm glad I got to 10!