Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Crossfit Day 475 - Bring a Friend Day - 5/5/15

No friend, but that's okay! I got to work alone which is exactly what I wanted.

Partner WOD:
23 min AMRAP
400m Run
3 rounds of
15 2 for 1 wall balls (16/12)
30 Push Press (75/55)
30 Box Jumps (24/20)

So because I worked alone, I conveniently nixed the running, and did 15 wall balls, 15 push press, and 15 box jumps, for 23 freaking minutes.

I also used all the guys' weights and box height for my workout, to challenge myself a bit.

SO. My Alicia-ified WOD was:

23 min AMRAP
15 wall balls 16lbs
15 push press 75lbs
15 box jumps 24in

I completed 5 rounds + 39 reps. I was 6 reps short of 6 full rounds. I was REALLY happy with my score and happy that I was able to do join in with the boys tonight! I was the only girl in a class with 8 other dudes. It was the 7:30p class, and I got to watch the sun set as I worked out. It was gorgeous, absolutely beautiful.

I stretched out my back afterwards, and ended up pulling myself down too much and felt a little tweak in my lower back. I'm only mentioning it for documentary purposes. Hopefully I can keep it warmed up and loose and it won't develop into anything. We'll see. Fingers crossed! I don't want to be immobile for the next week. :( 

Crossfit Day 474 - Split Jerk PR! - 5/1/15

YEAH BUDDY. Who knew? I killed it.

Split Jerk PR.. the last time I PRed a jerk was 175lbs during my 1RM clean and jerk, and 1RM snatch back in October.

Today our coach Nate had posted a picture of Gina, who's super awesome, split jerking 190. Gina is someone I'd pay good money to be as strong as or as awesome as!! I knew when I saw that picture, that I had to at least go in and try for 185!

So it was all like OMG FINE I'LL GO. And I went. And I got 185, and didn't want to stop there! I added 10lbs on, and missed. I didn't get under it enough on my split. Nate and Tom got all feisty and coachy on me and I said FINE I'll do it again, but you have to clean the bar up for me. :D So they did..

And.. I was all amped up, all excited, ready to do this!! Did a few practice jerks with lighter weight to make sure my split jerk was good.. AND THEN I DID 195! I even stood there for a few extra seconds with the bar outstretched over my head, for good measure. And yelled with excitement, of course! I dropped the bar, and happily turned around to share my excitement with my coaches, AND THEY WEREN'T EVEN WATCHING. omg..

Fortunately, another girl, Brittany, was on her way outside and saw me drop the bar down after having it completely extended overhead. I told Tom I'd do it again but he'd have to clean the bar up for me, and he said no.. no.. Brittany's and your word is good enough. :)

Pretty freaking awesome!!! I can hoist almost 200lbs over my head. That's just RIDICULOUSNESS.

The rest of the WOD! Oh yeah.

3 rounds

1 min ME 200m run (I did 10 cal airdyne)
1 min ME push press (115#/75#) (Nate had me do 95lbs instead!)
1 min ME toes to bar
1 min rest

Score was total push press and total T2B, (two separate scores)

I ended up doing 43 and 27. Pretty awesome considering I was using a higher weight than the other girls! Good stuff.


5 mins of evil wheels

What fun. I did 30 evil wheels in just over 5 minutes. 

Crossfit Day 473 - 4/27/15

12 min amrap

2 deadlifts (225#/155#)
6 box jump complex (1 complex = 3 air squats + 1 box jump)
25 hose slams

I really liked this one!!  My final score was 6 rounds, RX. The next few days I couldn't figure out why my legs were so fucking sore! And then I realized it's because I did 108 air squats total during the WOD. In 12 minutes, plus all the other stuff! So awesome.

Crossfit Day 472 - 4/20/15

10 min alternating emom

10 good mornings (95#/65#)
max double-unders

*score is total number of double-unders*

I squatted 145lbs for my 20 rep cycle.
I did 15 DUs (and over 200 singles) and I also wrecked my foot in the process. Hello not being able to walk for the next two weeks.. :(

3 rounds
1 min max effort weighted sit-ups (45# bar/25# bar)
1 min rest

this one was cool! I used a 35lb bar instead of the 25lb one for my weighted sit ups, and I got 47 reps. I was REALLY happy with that! Those were really cool. I'd definitely do those again. :) 

Crossfit Day 471 - Make Up Day - 4/17/15

I had to come in and make up some squats, so I did my work outside so I wouldn't disrupt anyone. I had to do my squat program, of 20 back squats at 140lbs, and then immediately do as many DLs as I could unbroken with the same weight. I got 20 reps of that before I dropped the bar. My hands and back had had enough of that nonsense.

The WOD I was making up was:

12 min AMRAP

10 front rack lunges (95/65)
10 push press

I screwed up and used 75lbs, whoops

Of course, I forget how many rounds I got, because I didn't write it down. 6 or 7 maybe? 8? I don't know. Guess I'll have to do it again someday and find out. :)

Crossfit Day 470 - Bring a Friend Day - 4/14/15

I finally got an old friend to come along with me to CFTC! It was an awesome time, and I think he really enjoyed it too.. Now, if I could just get him to join! Hah..

WOD was:

22 min AMRAP
Partner 1 - 400m run (I rowed)
Partner 2 -
5 burpees
10 ball slams (30/20)
15 lunges

We ended up getting 11 rounds plus 10 reps. Pretty awesome! We had a great time, and it was a great workout.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Crossfit Day 469 - Fight Gone Bad - 4/11/15

I LOVE Fight Gone Bad! It's one of my favorite old school CrossFit workouts. I didn't want to see my score that I had previously gotten, but I looked anyway. I've done it a few times, but my best scores were 218 and 236. (the 236 was unofficial, as I had done it with Derek in the side gym, over two years ago!)

“Fight Gone Bad”
3 rounds

1 min max effort wall-ball (20#/16#)
1 min max effort sumo deadlift high-pull (75#/45#)
1 min max effort box jump (20″)
1 min max effort push press (75#/45#)
1 min max effort calorie row
1 min rest

*score is total reps of all three rounds*

Today I ended up scoring 271! I knew that after I got through my 2nd round, that I had blown my last score out of the park, so I was REALLY happy with that! 

Fight Gone Bad at my awesome gym, CrossFit Total Control!

Crossfit Day 468 - 4/10/15

Snatch Balance work. I did 115 for my heavy single snatch balance. That was good!

The WOD was

14 min AMRAP
25 DUs
10 T2B
10 OHS (95/65)

I did singles, because of my feet. So sick of my foot pain from that jumping, but the only thing that keeps it from hurting is.. not doing it.

I scored 4 rounds + 52 reps.

Crossfit Day 467 - Front Squat PR - Transformers - 4/6/15

WHAT. I know it doesn't make sense to like, go to CF once or twice a week and expect to PR something I haven't PRed in years, but that's basically what I did.

1rm front squat

I skipped right over 215 and went straight from 205 to 220... and... I GOT IT. It sounds so silly, but I've been trying to get past my 215 front squat for what seems like FOREVER. I can now front and back squat more than I weigh. :) That's so awesome!!!

10 rounds
2 squat cleans (225#/155#)
3 muscle ups
4 handstand push-ups

the MU substitution was 3 ring rips/3 ring rows per MU. I ended up doing 9 + 11. The last time we did Transformers I got 9 + 4.

Pretty excited for my Front Squat PR, still! :)

Friday, April 24, 2015

Crossfit Day 466 - Peak 360 - 15.5 - 3/30/15

So because I flew back into West Palm from our New Hampshire snowboarding trip on Saturday evening, Dave decided to fly down to Fort Lauderdale early Sunday, have me pick him up, book a room, and go to Ultra on the last day (Sunday the 29th). Ultra Music Fest is something we usually do every year, but this year we said we weren't going to go. We did. We couldn't stay away, and actually, it was perfect. We went for one day, experienced the madness, got to see some great music, eat some great food, and done.

Because I knew we wouldn't be back to Jax by 5p EST no matter what was said or promised, I made arrangements with Peak360 CrossFit again, just as I did last year, to come do the final WOD of the Open.

I got to see Noah Ohlsen again, and he even took the time to judge me and cheer me on during the WOD!

It was a beast of a workout, and a total gasser. Everyone kept saying this but I just wasn't believing them, apparently.

15.5 was:

27-21-15-9 reps for time of:
Row (calories)
Thrusters (65lbs)

I finished in 13:52.

What sucked was, I had a cough during our trip up North, and it hadn't quite gone away when we returned back to FL. The dryness of the air and the lack of oxygen in my lungs made for a whole buttload of fun times. :)

Me, Noah's amazing pup, and Noah!

We sped off to some amazing Cuban food afterwards, in which I sat there and died the entire time. Exercise-induced asthma, they call it, and I'm sure I set my healing time back by about a week by doing that WOD, whatever. I got to WOD at Peak360 again and finish another CrossFit Open!