Wednesday, July 23, 2014

L5 S1 - Compressing my Spine - 7/23/14

I tweaked my lower back and the pain is coming from to the left of my spine, right above my tailbone. It's not muscular, it's more like nerve-ish pain. Just got back from the chiropractor who confirmed my suspicions. He said it was my L5 S1. Took some x-rays, gave me some good stretches, did a great adjustment, and decompressed my spine a bit. I need to work on it myself from home.

It gets better as the day goes on, as I get warmed up, but he said it was inflamed and the compression of the weightlifting just isn't helping it right now.

Which SUCKS because today (7/23) is Holleyman.. hands down, one of my favorite WODs of all time. Bummed that I have to miss it, but I will try and make it up on Sunday. I need to take it easy.

I suppose I could go to yoga, but.. meh.. I need to work on some stretches at home. See if I can get this improved. :)

Back Squat PR! Long Time Coming.. 7/20/14

I went in Sunday to work on my back squats. I NEEDED a PR! My last PR was 255, and this time I tried 275 (twice) and didn't get low enough. I dropped the weight to 265 and nailed it. YEAH. Good enough for the board, good enough for me!

Next time we'll get 275.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Crossfit Day 405 - Grace PR; again! - 7/17/14

Friday was Grace. And if you've been following my blog, you'll know that I just hit a Grace PR recently. And I was super excited about THAT!

Well, here we are again.. Grace. 30 Clean and Jerks for time at 95lbs. I was nervous about just going 5 seconds faster, in all honesty! I really wanted to hit the 3:30 or less mark. I WAS SO NERVOUS.

So... here we go.

I PRed again. At 2:45. I DID GRACE IN 2:45! A whole 50 seconds faster than what I did just one month earlier. Granted, I wasn't really trying to beat anything last time except for my PREVIOUS time of 5+ minutes, so.. Wow. I was beaming. BEAMING. Good enough for 3rd place on the board.

The top two times above me were 2:16 (Lauren) and 2:29 (Anne). Next time!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Crossfit Day 404 - 7/16/14

First time working out back at home! Woooo.


13 Minute AMRAP

5 – T-2000′s
10 – Plyo Pushups (45′s/25′s)

T-2000s suck. It's a Chest to Bar pull up, followed by a Toes to Bar unbroken. They suck. I don't ever want to do them again. :)

Crossfit Day 403 - Last WOD in Madison - 7/14/14

My last workout in Madison happened at 6a on Monday. It just seemed to be the only time that consistently worked for me when I was there, because I never knew what our days would have in store!  We went to go see The House on the Rock later that day, and I can guarantee that if I had waited to work out, it wouldn't have happened after the House on the Rock tour.. holy crap.

Anyway, my last WOD with Connex was:

3 rounds
20 Burpee Pull Ups
20 Squat Snatch
20 Box Jumps

I started out doing burpee pull ups, but they hurt my hands significantly. I didn't want to go the rest of my trip and then traveling home with ripped hands, so I finished my rounds just doing burpees.

Snatch weight was 75lbs, easy peasy.

Thank you Connex, for the great hospitality!!! If you are ever in Madison and want to work out, I highly suggest dropping in to see Kief and Em. They are amazing people with a great box. :) 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Crossfit Day 402 - 7/11/14

Still out of town, but that's okay! I hit up Connex again for another great WOD. Em agreed to come workout with me if I showed up for the 6a class. OMG.. that meant waking up around 4:45a. Okay.

Workout was great! I apparently impressed people with my weight skills. People at my gym are used to my strength, so I'm not used to the attention. In any case, here was the WOD:

Clock 0:00-10:00
3 rounds
9 ring dips
12 pull ups (I did my first 10 pull ups RX, and then got up on the band because of the time)
50 Air Squats

(So this one was weird.. I didn't finish my last set of 50 squats, because I wanted to give myself a break for the clean and jerks. I ended up doing this above part 2nd, and the 2nd part first, because of equipment availability. FWIW, I ended up going back and doing my last 50 squats AFTER I did my C&J)

Clock 10:00-20:00
5 Rounds
10 Box Jumps
10 KBS
10 Ball Slams

All RX.

Clock 20:00-30:00
15 Clean and Jerks at (205/135)

Rough workout, glad I went though! 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Crossfit Day 401 - Crossfit Connex - 7/10/14

So I was visiting my Mom in Madison for the last week, but that didn't stop me from working out! Her old gym (she doesn't crossfit anymore, sad face) is called CrossFit Connex, and they are a fantastic box! They have always welcomed me with open arms and let me WOD whenever I'm in town.

I went in Thursday, which turned out to be their Rest Day, but Kief and Emily (the owners) ended up wodding in the afternoon. I got to work out with Kief and Em! That by itself was cool. We did their Wednesday WOD which was:

3 rounds
400 m run (I rowed 500m instead)
21 box jumps
7 Snatches (155/105)

I did the RX weight, too! I finished in 21 minutes, I think? It doesn't seem like it would be that long of a WOD but it was pretty rough. And awesome.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crossfit Day 400 - 27 Pull Ups - 7/7/14

This WOD was like Fran on crack. I wasn't planning on RXing anything, but after my pull ups victory on Saturday, I had to go in and try to RX this one! And I did.


4 Minute AMRAP
21 – Thrusters (95/65)
21 – Pull ups
2 Minute Rest

3 Minute AMRAP
15 – Thrusters (95/65)
15 – Pull ups
2 Minute Rest

2 Minute AMRAP
9 – Thrusters (95/65)
9 – Pull Ups

I RXed the weight. The first round I did 21 thrusters, and 11 pull ups. The second round I did 15 thrusters and 7 pull ups, and the third round I FINISHED! I did 9 and 9. So proud to have that RX next to my name. *beaming*

I fucking did it. I did this. I can do this! I am getting better.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crossfit Day 399 - 7 Kipping Pull Ups - 7/5/14

I say it's a day I'll never forget.. It's the day I did more than 1 kipping pull up.

Because it was the day after the 4th, everyone was smashed from the night before, except for literally a handful of people. Only about 10-15 people showed up to the Saturday WOD, which is unheard of, so we opted for Open Gym.  Gina decided that a Deck of Cards WOD would be fun, and I had actually just been thinking how I wanted to do one again, soooo thank you Universe, you made it happen!

We chose ball slams, box jumps, pull ups, and hang cleans for the movements. For the Jokers, we chose 20 burpees and 50 situps.

I decided that today I would use a purple band instead of a green one. I mean, come on, the highest number of reps for any of the movements was 10. NBD.

The WOD started, and it was instantly regretted by a lot of people, I think! Haha I loved it. It wasn't until we were like, 26 cards in that I wished I had done something different instead.

Whenever an Ace was pulled, it was just 1 rep. So when that was called for pull ups, I did my one RX pull up. I could do one! Why not?

Then 2 was called for pull ups.. I was like, fuck it, let's try this. AND I DID IT!!! I DID TWO PULL UPS! It sounds so stupid, but.. holy shit I've never been able to get past that! I've always been so afraid because I could never get past that STUPID number one. And then I did 2.

Well, the story is anti-climactic at this point, because my hands started hurting and I didn't want to tear or rip, so I did HSPUs for most of the remainder of the pull ups. Until the last card was pulled. 4 pull ups.

I went for 1. Got it. Second one, got it. Holy shit! Let's try the third. I GOT IT. omgomgomg.. Can I do my last one??

Everyone else had finished, and it felt like they were standing there, waiting for me to nail my 4th pull up.. it went in slow motion. I jumped up on the bar, got a good swing, and I fucking did it. 4 kipping pull ups in a row. It felt like the best day ever. My friends cheered for me, high fived, time was called, and we all wrapped it up. I started tearing up; it just made me so emotional! I held them back though, on like, 4 different occasions as we put all our stuff away. Finally, I got to the car and just broke down.

Holy shit, I just did 7 pull ups today. Life changing.

Happy girl. Here with my awesome coach, Russell Peters.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Crossfit Day 398 - Hero Loredo - 7/4/14

Holy Hero Loredo. This was a Hero WOD for the 4th of July. Only one WOD today, and it was at 10a. We had an incredible turnout!

Hero Loredo is:
6 rounds for time of:
24 Squats
24 Push-ups
24 Walking lunge steps
Run 400 meters

I rowed instead of ran and I was quite happy with my decision! I finished in 39:06, I believe. I'd check but the scores from that day were never posted on the site. It was a rough one though! Oh man.

Hero Loredo at CrossFit Total Control. Jax Beach, FL