Monday, July 27, 2015

Crossfit Day 498 - Death by Thrusters/Pull-Ups - 7/23/15

Pause Squat work, deload week, so lighter weight, but that stuff still gets heavy after awhile, especially with the pausing action.

For the WOD, Death by WODs are fun, usually.

Today was death by Thrusters and pull ups. Both movements in the same minute!
I knew I couldn't get more than a few thrusters and pull ups, so I modified and did ring rows. I ended up finishing at minute 10, and that was fine (so basically I did the following:

Minute 1 - 1 thruster and 1 ring row
Minute 2 - 2 thrusters and 2 ring rows
Minute 3 - 3 thrusters and 3 ring rows, etc

Pretty intense WOD regardless. I'm glad I got to 10!

Crossfit Day 497 - CF Jax's Viper WOD - 7/21/15

Okay so I've never done VIPER before, but it was pretty amazing!!

95#/65# hang power snatch x 5
overhead squat x 10
double unders x 25
1min rest

115#/75# hang power clean x 5
push press x 10
double unders x 25
2min rest

135#/95# hang squat clean x 5
push jerk x 10
double unders x 25
*score is total time*

I did double singles, but the rest was RX. What an awesome WOD. I finished in 17:23. I wish I could do DUs without wrecking my feet, because I would've crushed this one. Very few people finished under 20 min.

It's like even when I'm strong, I suck. Frustrating, but not being able to walk without killer pain for a week, is it worth a few minutes of glory?

Crossfit Day 496 - 7/20/15

Wendler Deadlift cycle, blah blah blah. I always start these strength cycles with good intentions, but my maxes are so high, that the higher the numbers get, the harder it is, and I either hurt myself or give up and just lift lighter weight. Oh well.

This day was a deload week, so lower percentages, but that's still pretty heavy for me! I did it anyway, knocked that out and got done with it.

Our WOD: for time:
3 rounds
400m run
12 deadlift (bodyweight)
21 box jump (24/20)

I did the ski erg instead, and THAT was awful. Talk about gasser! I did 300m instead of 400, and each time I was like, this is it, I'm going to die. Not really, but it was rough.

I didn't do bodyweight deadlifts because 36 deadlifts at 210-215 isn't what I wanted to do, so I scaled back to 155lbs, which, is more of like, super ideal body weight. :D

21 box jumps NBD I love that stuff.

Finished in 12:04.

Crossfit Day 495 - Heavy Front Rack Lunges - 7/17/15

3 x 50ft front rack lunge for max weight
4 rounds for time:
*every minute perform 10 slam balls*
10 box jump over
10 push press (95/65)

I did 125lbs for my max 50ft weight. I thought it was 135, and had I known that it wasn't, I probably would've done it over. Oh well. My ass hurt for days after that, it was just sheer stupidity. I couldn't sit, stand, roll over, get dressed or undressed without great difficulty and pain. Why do we do this again?

The WOD was great. A total gasser, especially after recovering from a cold.

I finished my 4 rounds in 9:58, and I did RX+ weight at 75lbs instead of the RX 65lbs.. Thanks Nate.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Being sick sucks. 7/16/15

I came down with a sore throat on Saturday, that lasted through Sunday, and then came this mucous party in my throat. (Gross, I'm sorry.) But it was this constant coating of clear phlegm lining my throat, no matter what I did. My NAC had nothing on this shit, it sucked.

Mucous party lasted Sunday/Monday and then Tues it turned into congestion, plugged ears. So awesome. Yesterday was just a little more stuffy but no more sore throat, a lot less phlegm, and now, here we are today (7/16) and I'm pretty good. It's just the tail end of it.

I was dressed and ready for the gym yesterday, I even left the house to go, and 5 min into my trip (half way or so!) I said screw it. I shouldn't be doing this.

I did the same thing tonight. I got dressed, checked myself out in the mirror, and was like.. alright, let's go! And as I walked to the door, I was like, meh. This is NOT what I want to do. My only real excuse is still recovering from whatever it is I got Saturday. I'm sure it slowed me down on Monday, and I'm sure it wasn't the smartest thing to go, but whatever. Let's see what tomorrow brings. :)

See? I was dressed and ready in my super cute new Wunder Unders but noooo...

Crossfit Day 494 - 7/13/15

Hey I have an idea! Let's do heavy as fuck deadlifts!!! Sweet.

Wendler Deadlift
week 3/day 1

5 @75%
3 @ 85%
1+ 95%
10×3 banded deadlifts

This was all great and whatnot, except my 1+ rep at 95% was at 285lbs. I did 3 of them. That's the most I've done in YEARS. Of course, on the last pull, I forced it a bit too much and ended up pulling my lower right back a bit. Thank god it's better now. That lasted 2 days, and either I'm strong or lucky or both, and recovered quickly.

thrusters (75/65)
*3 wall walks after every round*

 I RXed that shit. Wall walks suck though. That's for damn sure. I finished in 14:18. YAY.

Crossfit Day 493 - 7/9/15

pause front squats; pause back squats

week 2/day 1

1×3 @ 70%
1×3 @ 80%
1×3+ @ 90%
(heavy fucking shit. this one killed me.) I love pause squats, but at these percentages, it felt impossible to sit at the bottom of my squat at what.. 225lbs and do 3+ reps. Sigh.


10 min emom
3 thrusters (135/95)
ME pull-ups or muscle-ups

I did pull ups and got  10. Not amazing, but, at least I'm RXing the pull ups nowadays. :)

Crossfit Day 492 - 7/7/15

overhead complex
1 push press – 2 push jerk – 3 split jerk
record heaviest load

I got 155lbs for this


push jerk (135/95)


5 strict toes to bar and 25 double unders between each set

I did 25 singles and 5 amazing strict hanging leg lifts instead. Finished in 12:21.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Crossfit Day 491 - Wendler Deadlifts W2/D1 - 7/6/15

So I used my working max of 300lbs for my deadlift today. And we had to do the following:

1x3 @ 70%
1x3 @ 80%
1x3+ @ 90%

I did 210, 235, and then 275. I ended up getting 5 reps at 275, which is kind of unheard of! My old 1RM is 335, but I feel like if I did 5 reps of 275 then..... I could definitely get 335 or more next time around!  I haven't DLed 335 in ages, either. It felt pretty good to get that close.


DL 225/135
OHS 135/95

I RXed the weights, and finished in 8:45. My wrists were wrecked from the OHS, but it's to be expected! The deadlifts I blasted through, but the overhead squats really slowed me down. Oh well, I'm super happy with my time, and one of the very few RXs on the board, again!

I'm in the far right row, about half way down the board. Apparently there are 2 Alicia's now! Greeeat. Look at that Red RX!

Crossfit Day 490 - 7/3/15

Another great day at the gym. I like what's happening here!

100 double unders (I did singles, and my feet weren't destroyed! Awesome.)
30 toes to bar (knee tucks)
30 sit-ups
(4 min cap)
rest 3 min
200m run
30 wall-ball shots (20/16)
30 slam balls (30/20)
(4 min cap)
rest 3 min
500m row
max kettlebell swings (70/55)
(4 min cap)

So. I did my 100 singles, I did 10 T2B and then switched to knee tucks because I had a time cap. I got through 7 sit ups before time was called.


I did my 200m run, whaaat. She does run after all! My 30 wall balls, and my 30 slam balls! AND I finished in the time cap at 3:50!! Lots of people didn't finishhhhhhhhh. 


500m row, max KB swings. BUT ONE OF THE GUYS TOOK MY 55lb KB!!! Pffhhhhtttttt.. I had to run into the other room, and I grabbed what I thought was a 55, but it was a 50. :( Sad face! So I got through 16 of those. Sigh. Oh well! Was still a great workout. :)