Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Crossfit Day 362 - Oh Weighted Lunges - 4/21/14

Like nothing happened, I went to Crossfit yesterday. I took it easy with the back squats, only going up to 105, and doing 10 reps or so. I did it a few times and worked with a buddy. The great part was, she's new to heavier squatting, so I was able to help her with her form and technique, instead of focusing on the weight. (super important!)

I was worried a little that I'd be sore from it, but I was fine. The WOD was a good one!

9 min AMRAP
4 lateral box jump overs (24/20)
8 T2B
12 lunges with the bar in the front rack. 75lbs for girls.

I finished 4 rounds plus 1 rep. I RXed most of it. I did 2 rounds of the T2B Rx and 2 rounds knees to air. Shit hurts my hands!

Those weighted lunges were rough. 75 lbs? My ass hurts big time today! It's good.. if it's sore, it means I need to more of it. :)

OH. and the pain.. Still some tension in the spot I highlighted previously, but I'm not immobile. I've been sleeping well and moving well, so I'm happy again. YAY.

I even held a little Noga class after the WOD, to help people get some post wod mobility done! It was great, I had about 10-12 people stay for it. I'm not trying to start a business, but more promote the helpfulness of post wod stretching after class. It just helps keep everything loose and moving. :) 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Spine, Neck and Shoulder Blade Pain - 4/19/14

This shit is debilitating. I can't even describe it. It's worse to sit and lay down than anything else, too. So 'resting' is actually painful.

It started the day we did the last HBBS 1RM and then it went away, and then it came back when I did the crazy cleans WOD and then I got sick. Like virus sick. Like, I was fine one day, a little sore, and that night it hit me like food poisoning, almost. I was achy, sore, couldn't eat, didn't want to eat, lethargic, drained, miserable, hot, then cold. WTF. I was out of commission from the night of April 12th (when it started) to April 16th. That's when I finally felt human enough to go to Yoga again.

But the soreness. First, when the virus shit when away, yoga felt AMAZING. That Wednesday class on April 16th was remarkable. I have honestly NEVER felt better. I felt so good. I felt strong, capable, like I had finally achieved this long coming goal that I had been working towards. Practice felt smooth and movements came with ease. I didn't struggle, I loved every second of it. THIS is what I've been waiting for! This is how I'm supposed to feel!!!

Then I went to Crossfit Thursday.  And it was great. I loved every second of it, except for the stupid Hatch Cycle but whatever.

123 wall balls/weighted squats/thrusters in 8 min.. and well, my fucking quads still feel like they're going to explode. I knew it would happen. I felt it after I was done. My legs were shaking and I knew it was a stupid WOD to do after not working out for a week, but damn it, I can do wall balls! I'm good at wall balls!

So here I am, a couple days later, and not only are my quads still sore as shit which is something I can deal with, but my spine. My neck and spine are miserable. I even tried the giant massage hook thing that we have. I can't say that it helped.

I have foam rolled. I have BCAAed, I have Ibuprofened (even though I really hate taking stuff now). I have stretched, rag dolled, rested. I can't make this pain go away. It SUCKS. I'm seriously ready to call a chiropractor, and I really never ever do that. I'm ready to find the strongest muscle relaxer we have in the depths of our medicine cabinets and take double the dosage.

my spine and neck and shoulder blade pain location
 I have a hot date booked with Chuck tomorrow, my massage therapist, but I'm actually worried that this is beyond muscular now. I keep imagining the worst, like my spine is actually broken and my muscles are what's keeping everything held together. Do I get a massage? Do I take a muscle relaxer? What do I do?? It's not bad enough to go to the ER, and Dave's not here anyways. I wouldn't go without him with me.

The thing is, what did I do? Nothing that I did was out of the ordinary. And there was no sudden impact or anything. It was all the heavy weight stuff I always do. I don't even know if it's crossfit related, because really, the pain came after two nights of using the wrong pillow and I didn't realize it, so my head was elevated more than usual. Two nights of that and I had my gross stomach virus shit. And the pain went away too, and then came back after Thursday's workout. :( I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Crossfit Day 361 - 8 minutes of wall balls - 4/17/14

I got sick. It was gross. I will discuss it in my next post.

Basically, took a week off because of it, and finally had the strength to get back into the gym. I felt SO good when I went back in, too! Amazing.

Strength: Hatch Cycle W1:D2
HBBS: 1×10 @ 60%, 1×8 @65%, 1×8 @70%, 1×8@ 70%
Front Squat: 1×5 @ 60%, 1×5 @65%, 1×5 @70%, 1×5@ 75%

WOD: 8 Minute AMRAP
Wall Balls (20/16#)

So.. I hate the Hatch Cycle. I hated it last year and I still hate it.

I did my 10 reps at 135, increased a bit and did 8, then increased a bit and did 5, and then I was done.

I did 5 front squats at 135, and said, I'm not doing this anymore. I hate this strength program. And I stopped. That was that.

Our WOD was 8 minutes of as many wall balls as possible.

I was seriously hoping for 80. Then, I had a lofty goal mid WOD and said, no.. let's go for 100. Let's do 20 the first minute and 10 each min after that, and hopefully pick up the rest along the way.

I did 40 in the first 2 minutes! By the time I got to 100, I still had about 2 minutes left. I kept going.

I ended up getting 123 wall balls in 8 minutes. I was pretty happy with that! Love attaining and beating goals. Now I need to do Karen again, and beat my last time of 9:20, and my previous time of 9:13! Eek.

My legs are going to hurt.
8 minutes of wall balls.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crossfit Day 360 - 4/11/14

Ugh. One rep max clean and jerk. I say ugh because I was having a great day til this WOD came around.

So.. My newest 1RM clean, squat clean rather, is 175. I was really hoping I could jerk 175, but it didn't happen. So I went for a new clean PR of 180, and I couldn't get it. I was just psyching myself out. Just picking up the bar was difficult and I'd psych myself out, and people were watching and I hate it. It makes me nervous and I'd rather only do it with a few close people around me, OR with a bunch of people around me who aren't paying attention and who I don't know. I dunno. It's all in my head.

I ended up power cleaning 175 twice, which basically means I can do more than that now, but I just couldn't get under it enough to jerk it overhead. I need to work more on squat cleans again, and on split jerking. #crossfitproblems

At one point, I just freaked out and walked outside. The tears came (jesus, what's with the crying lately?) and Tom came out after me and was like, "What's the deal? Get out of your head. Go lift some shit. Just pick it up and make it happen."  I was able to power clean the 175 again, but no overhead. :(

What sucks is, Anne and Gina both got insane numbers that day. Anne pulled a 190 C&J and Gina 175. I felt like such a failure. :(

The most I ended up C&J was 155. After that, I was just a mess. Fell apart. I'm gonna chalk it up to emotions and being drained and hopefully I'll be able to come back stronger and better the next go around.

SO... the WOD. It was hard, but I wanted to beat myself up, especially after my stupid emotional girl breakdown.

10 min EMOM
2 cleans (squat or power) 205/145
ME HSPUs for the remainder of that minute

So I use an ab mat and a 35 or 45lb plate for my HSPUs, but I will say that these were some of the strongest ones I have ever done. I don't kip. I can, but it's super taxing, so I just do a little lower, tap of the head, and back up, strict style.

The cleans were heavy. Especially after trying so many times to get that C&J and maxing out twice. To pull 145 twice every minute for 10 minutes was the pain and torture I wanted. My shoulder was a little aggravated, but I stuck with it. I only missed one clean out of all of those, and I made up for it. So.. 20 power cleans at 145lbs. That's a lot of weight. We normally don't do heavy stuff like that, but I was happy to RX the weight, at least.

Final score, 65 HSPUs with my ab mat and 45lb plate. Awesome. I left feeling like shit though. Like a total asshole for reacting the way I did, even though it was entirely unintended, unexpected, and uncontrolled. Stupid hormones.

Crossfit Day 359 - 4/10/14

I'd like to start with the fact that... had I not BEEN ON THE COVER OF THIS DAY'S WOD, I probably would've cherry picked and gone to yoga or done nothing or cleaned my house or whatever instead. But no... Justin posted a picture of me with Guido Trinidad, the owner of Peak360 CrossFit in Miami and CrossFit Games Athlete, from when I went down to Miami for Ultra

So I had to go. Of course, we had visitors in town at our box, and a couple guys were like, "Hey you're the chick from the website! In that picture with Guido!" Yep. That was me. 

Skill: Rope Climbs/Legless Rope Climbs
WOD: For Time
800m Run
5 Rounds
2 – Rope Climbs (RX+ Legless)
5 – KB Thrusters Left Arm (55/35)
5 – KB Thrusters Right Arm (55/35)
10 – Box Step Ups with KB (55/35) 20″
800m Run

I call this one a crier. Cause I totally cried at the beginning of the 2nd round of rope climbs.
Thank GOD there was a 30 min time cap on this one. Once I finished my 2nd full round of rope climbs, I decided that we'd only be doing 3 rounds, instead of 5. Once I had that new, adjusted number in my head, I was ready to proceed. Amazing how that mental shit works. Of course I would've gotten through it, but yeah. Rope climbs, although I can do them, are so taxing on me. I LOVE doing them. I love that I CAN do them, but doing them when I'm tired, it's like double unders. It's self defeating, the more tired I am. And my hands just hurt. I break down when my hands hurt!

Anyway, I ended up finishing in 27 min and something. 27:26 or whatever. I was okay with that. I did 3 rounds, and both 800m runs, and I had my headphones for it, so we were good. Man that was a rough one.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Crossfit Day 358 - 4/9/14

I had decided to come in Sunday to get a little workout in, but decided I didn't want to run, as I usually do on Sundays. I opted instead for the Ski Erg, which was actually great. I did 1000m on the ski erg in about 5 min. I don't know if that's great or horrible, but I figured it was about half the time that I'd run a mile in and 2/3rds of the distance, so I was good with that, haha (1600 meters in 11 min or 1000 m in 5 min.. hmm)

I also did my 50 GHD sit ups which I haven't done in forever. I knew I'd be hurting but I wanted it. That soreness always makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile with my muscles, achieving something I didn't currently have, attaining new strength, losing unwanted fat, shedding low self esteem, and making myself stronger all around. A lot of deep, stupid thoughts, but it's true. When I'm sore, I feel more accomplished. (Sore to me does not mean "in pain" or "injured".)

So yeah. I was sore for days from those GHD sit ups, but not like that one time. In fact, I'd say that today, almost 1 week later, I'm finally NOT sore from the GHD sit ups I did last Sunday. Jesus. Anyway, with all that being said, here's what we did on Wednesday, 4/9.

Strength: 1RM Strict Press
10 – BB Rollouts
6 - S2OH (135/95)
2 - Wall Walks

I got 105, again. I'm annoyed with my lack of progress, but it's my own fault.

The WOD. BB means barbell, or evil wheels. This picture below is from almost a year ago, at the old gym.

These are Barbell rollouts or Evil Wheels
 So.. all abs. I was a little worried, but I was like whatevs. I ended up using my biceps and arms to compensate for the lack of strength in my core, so of course, after this WOD my arms hurt, in addition to my lower back and abs and wrists. Sweet.

I finished 3 rounds plus 9 reps. More than I had expected, so that's cool. Wall walks suck.

Friday, April 11, 2014

BCAAs and Strange Vivid Dreams - 4/10/14

I thought it was coincidence for awhile, but then I started to put two and two together. Whenever I drink my BCAAs before bed, I have strange, crazy dreams that night. I started to equate my dreams with BCAAs to my dreams when I take Tylenol or Ibuprofen PM, thinking that the muscle relaxing attributes to the bizarre dreams, but I have no proof or evidence of that. I just know that whenever I've taken any of the "PM" stuff in the past, my dreams are so real, it's like I wake up wondering if they actually happened.

So I was like, cool, muscle recovery from BCAAs is like muscle relaxing from OTC painkillers (acetaminophen or ibuprofen) + benadryl (diphenhydramine) which therefore cause weird, crazy dreams. Worked for me.

But tonight I actually googled it, and found LOTS of results! I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!

(FWIW I also take Taurine and Magnesium supplements daily, as they are supposed to be a great combination with BCAAs for stress management and stress levels)

Some dudes get wet dreams, some dudes just report to have vivid dreams like I have, but so far, I haven't found any scientific research or anything, nor have any girls reported this. I also have pages to sift through, but I wanted to post this before I forgot! Woooo

EDIT: I found a site that states that when you have vivid dreams, it is usually a sign that you're in Stage 4 of sleep, which is where there's an increased production of growth hormone, which controls aspects of metabolism, physical growth and brain development. Hmmm.. those BCAAs are working!

Oh, here's a picture. :) I took it last night.

TRAP CITY! Seriously, my shoulders are looking and feeling amazing. Now to reduce the fat around them...(arms)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Crossfit Day 357 - 4/4/14

Hah, I wonder how many people got married on this date? 4/4/14/ HOW CLEVER.

Not really. Sucks that we're out of those numbers now. Not until the 2100s! Pretty crazy. Jesus, I can't even imagine. Anyway, deadlift day. I've been saying I'm one wrong move away from tweaking my back, so.. I figured today I wouldn't go too heavy.

Of course I tried for 345 but only got it like, 1 inch off the ground and said no way. Nope. It doesn't matter that much.

Today's WOD:
Strength: 1RM Deadlift

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP
200m Run
1 – Deadlift (315/225)

** Add 1 Deadlift each Round

YAY running. The less I like something, the more I need to do of it. That ended up being the reason I came in to do this WOD.

 I ended up completing 6 rounds plus 1. That was a tough one, but one I could do well at too. I didn't RX the weight because after doing heavy deadlifts, just doing the RX weight of 225 seemed ridiculous. I used 185 instead.

So yeah, 6+1. boom.

Crossfit Day 356 - 4/3/14

Skill: 6×1: 3 Cone Drill (10yds) Record Fastest Time
WOD: 3 Rounds
50 – Wall Balls
30 – DU
10 – MU

Cone drills suck. They make you feel like the skin is separating from the bottoms of your feet through your shoes. I don't recommend. Just run instead.

 As I can't do muscle ups, the mod is 3 ring rows and 3 ring dips per MU. So.. 30 ring rows and 30 ring dips PER FUCKING ROUND. Holy hell.

Fortunately there was a 20 min time cap or something. I got through 2 rounds plus 32 reps. It was not fun. Good times. I think I'm still sore from all the upper body stuff. It's good though, I need it.

Crossfit Day 355 - 4/2/14

Oh fun plyo pushups. My first WOD back from Miami and I was ready to go!

Strength: 1RM HBBS
WOD: 8 Minute Climbing Ladder
2 – Plyo Pushups (2-45′s/2-25′s)
2 – Pull Ups

I ended up getting 235 on the high bar back squat. My max is 255, but I really prefer low bar. Whatevs.

Plyo push ups take everything to a whole new level. Even my massage therapist friend Chuck commented on how tight my chest was, and this was days later, mind you. I got through the round of 12, and even got an extra rep in. Pull ups were banded. Started with a purple band, switched to a green band, and in the end, used both. Pull ups fail. Oh well. Someday I'll weigh less than 200lbs and I'll be able to pull all this weight up to the bar. :)