Monday, September 15, 2014

Crossfit Day 419 - Sled Sprints! - 9/10/14

Well, I was a little wary of this one beforehand, but I ended up LOVING it. Sled sprints are my new favorite movement/WOD/whatever!

Our WOD was the following:

10 x 25/75m Sled Sprints

So.. quantity of 10 reps total. 25m sprint with the sled, 75m sprint without the sled. So you start with the sled, and after 25m, you drop it and keep sprinting. Then you get to take your time and walk back. HIIT at its finest! It's what I need to do more of. I was saying to myself, why am I not doing this 2-3-4 times a week? This is what I need to be doing more of! This is so AWESOME!

Then the next day happened. My feet, my right foot in particular, so inflamed and tender that I couldn't even walk on it. It had to have been from the sprinting. The over extension of my arches. After some anatomy googling, I have concluded that the part of my plantar fascia that attaches to my heel (towards the rear part of my foot, is very inflamed as a result. It is also an area that's commonly torn and/or strained. Greeeat!

This is the exact spot where mine hurts, except on my right foot. Stupid Plantars Fasciitis

Here we are, 5 days later, and I can still barely walk when I get out of bed or up from sitting for extended periods of time. With movement and shoes on, it feels better. The best it's felt is when I wrapped it last night with the voodoo band for a minute or so. I need to do that again.

But of course, I don't stay off of it. I keep working out, keep running, keep doing stupid things like over/unders, box jump overs and DUs (last week and yesterday)

It'll go away again. It always does. I want to do more sprints, and now I'm annoyed that this was SO aggravated by something I was pretty good at, too. :(

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Crossfit Day 418 - Saturday WOD Hell - 9/6/14

Here's what I posted on FB.

A whole lot of awesome with a heaping side of awful today. Holy Moly, that was a tough WOD!
Partner WOD:
5 Rounds for Time
2 200m runs
20 KB swings at 55lbs
20 pull ups
2 200m runs
20 OH plate lunges at 25lbs
20 plate facing burpees

Reps split however you like.

I partnered with Vin, which was great! If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't have kept going. I would've stopped. All the signs of heat exhaustion were there. I was dizzy, had chills, but I felt like I was going to let my partner down if I stopped. Hell, even when I slowed down I felt I was letting him down!

Sucks because we were the last team to finish. :( I hate being last. It took us 41 minutes or so to finish this one. 

I got home and stripped down, made my BCAA drink, and took a glutamine. Then I sat at my desk, just kinda numb and shaky and all like WTF. I felt like I had just done 2 days' worth of competing. I was drained, lethargic, tired, hot, cold, miserable, shaky. 

Post Saturday WOD Hell.
Of course... I hadn't eaten anything. BUT I NEVER EAT BEFORE I WORK OUT! I had my coffee, and that was it. As usual! I didn't think it would affect me like this, but it did. 

Dave got home and looked at me and was like, holy shit are you okay? We opted for a nice carb-filled meal at Pei Wei. I said fuck it, I'm eating rice. I need carbs. I had brown rice with my orange peel chicken (light sauce) and my energy slowly came back. It was amazing how quickly I recovered after eating some carbs. 

The first few weeks or so I did really well with Carb Nite, even though my first couple weeks I was miserable on the actual Carb NIGHT. The last couple weeks, or however long it's been, have been trying. I have NOT been eating enough, I have not been getting the calories or nutrients my body has craved for fuel. I have been listening to myself and eating them when I feel it's necessary, and with the workload and hours I've been putting in lately, it's felt necessary. Not in excess, but like, a few bites of rice, or a couple pieces of dried fruit. I wonder how my body will react to it on the scales. 

And it sucks that here I am, stuck at 210-211, because I don't want to trade pounds for strength. :( 

Crossfit Day 417 - Power Clean PR - 9/4/14

Not much to report. Nasty form, but I wrangled it up there. Power Clean PR at 180. Couldn't quite jerk it, unfortunately. :( I blamed the lack of carbs in my system for it though, as I felt pretty week that day.

Totally slacking on this. I know. We've been insane in the office, I've been up at 6a, at the office by 7a, working til 5:30p, maybe working out, going to the grocery store, coming home and doing house things, and then answering emails til 11p or so. It's been non stop, and the last thing I've made time for is recreational writing. My mind has been more calm with the mindless numbing, scrolling action through my facebook news feed. Sorry.

WOD was awesome though! A good one, I liked it.

15 - 12 - 9
C&J 165/115
Box Jumps 30/24"

Finished in 9:33

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

100 Burpees for Time - 9/2/14

I hadn't done this in awhile, and because I didn't make it to the gym, I decided to do a quick warm up at home and do something uncomfortable. So.. why not 100 burpees for time? It had been over a year since I timed myself.

I tied my shoes, put on some obnoxious music, did my warm ups and stretches, and went for it. I finished 50 in 4:17, which is 33 seconds faster than the last time I did 50. I went on to finish my second set of 50, and my final time was 9:13, 1:43 faster than the last time!

I totally pushed myself too. I was dripping with sweat, counting the numbers backward, out loud, and grunting and making questionable noises and all. I didn't care. I kept going.

When I was on my last one, I said loudly "Last One!!!!" I was verbally cheering myself on. AMAZING. Instead of the negative self talk I've given myself the pleasure of dealing with my entire life, here I was, cheering my SELF on. Come on, Alicia.. 25! (oomph, back on the floor) 24! (grunt, groan, come on.. keep going, 23!

I probably even said Time! when I was done, but I don't remember. That's just engrained in me now.

I grabbed my water, and my phone, and laid down in the driveway. So nice. So glad I did that. So happy it was over.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Crossfit Day 416 - Good to be Back - 8/29/14

One rep max strict press, but I didn't get past my old PR of 115. Oh well! That's totally fine with me, as long as I keep my current strength, we're good.

Today's WOD was great. I opted for GHD sit ups instead of Ab Mat Sit ups, because of how they wreck my tailbone.  I also started out with DUs but switched to double singles once I got worn out.

WOD: 5 Rounds

20 – Push Ups
30 – ABMSU
40 – Double Unders

I finished in  14:47.

Crossfit Day 415 - Rope Climbs - 8/20/14

I have a love/hate relationship with rope climbs. I can do them, but they wear me down. They make me cry. They hurt. I struggle through them and I lose control of my grip (or so I think) and it hurts and burns my feet where I clutch the rope so desperately. I get burn marks around my calf and the inside of my thigh, again, from clinging to it with fear.

So.. I do them. But I hate them. I wish I was better at them, and guess what.. the only way to get better at them is to do more of them. So I suffer on.

Anyway, this WOD was awful. Not quite a cry-er, but I was almost there.

I was excited for a 22 min time cap, but I only had 2 rope climbs left when time was called, and Derek made me finish.  I finished only on the condition that I wouldn't get a DNF next to my name.  Deal. I finished in 23:21.

WOD: For Time

21-S20H (135/95)

15 – S20H

9 – S20H

I RXed the weight. I did banded chin ups and wrecked my biceps for the next few days (tiny case of rhabdo? Possibly. Oh well, I did it to myself.)

I called it a week and made that my last WOD, especially with the move we had coming up in the next few days.

Crossfit Day 414 - 8/18/14

So.. this is already like 2 weeks old, but with our recent move from our old warehouses into our one brand new one, everything else has been put on the back burner, and Dali has taken priority. I'm talking up at 6 am and into the office by 6:30 priority. It's been crazy but we've gotten a LOT done.

That move deserves its own post. So.. here is Day 414 instead!

WOD: 12 Minute AMRAP

100m Run
10 – Ring Push Ups
8 – KBS (2 Pood/1.5 Pood)

I did 2 ring push ups and decided it wasn't worth wrecking my shoulder over, so I did regular push ups instead. Trying to not be ashamed of scaling movements, even if I can do the RX ones. (If the RX ones will HURT me, I have to remember that it's OKAY. Big fault of mine.)

I finished 6 complete rounds, and did the 1.5pd KB too. :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Something to be Proud Of - Supporting Friends - Be Better

I don't know how to say this without sounding like an asshole. But.. we spend money for the business all day long. We spend $30-50 per meal when we go out to eat, hundreds of dollars on computer parts, shipping costs, materials, expenses. Money is spent constantly, and we don't even think of it (yet I hate paying $10 for shipping, go figure.)

So when I see something awesome on the verge of happening, and all it takes is a little money, a little support, and a little publicity, I am happy to share, donate, and be a part of the cause.

I stand behind +Lisbeth Darsh in her new project, and I've already become a supporter. I will even donate more before time runs out, just because I really want to see her succeed.

She has been a voice, sometimes outspoken, but never faltering, in our amazing CrossFit community; and while she's not officially involved with CrossFit HQ anymore, she is still a very prominent figure in many of our lives. We look to her for advice, for pep talks, for funny stories, for motivation, and when we're tired of seeing fake hype, we always know we can turn to her for honesty, truth, straight from the heart REAL life.

I am a proud supporter of Lisbeth, and I'd like to share with you the opportunity to support her, as well.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Carb Nite Bloat, 3 Days Later? - 8/20/14

I'm STILL not back to my pre-carb nite self.. My stomach feels bloated and puffy (last week it felt flatter and slimmer and smaller, firmer..) and my weight hasn't budged from 214. I try to rationalize it, like.. oh.. well yesterday I had pooped before I weighed myself and I was 214 and this morning I weighed myself but I hadn't gone yet.. so surely there's some value in that! Right..?

I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day. I don't care. I want to know. I know weight fluctuates (or not..) over time. I also know that I've been the same goddamned weight give or take like 5lbs for 2 years now. So.. stripping my body of carbs felt amazing. The results of eliminating most of the carbs from my diet felt incredible! I felt stronger, leaner... and then stuffing my face with crap for a few hours felt terrible, and now my only train of thought is.. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Why did I do that??? Whyyyyyyyyyy... I could be sitting pretty at 209 or something right now but nooo. Instead, I feel like my body doesn't work the same way as everyone else's and well.. those carbs and shit I ate Sunday, it just grabbed onto and HELD onto.

Overreacting. I know. I'm curious to see how the next few days pan out. If I'm not back to my 210 weight (my Day 11 Carb Nite weight) then I'm not carbing up again. Nope. I'll just go back to what works for me and eliminate the carbs. This whole 'stuff your face with everything high glycemic' mumbo jumbo is madness.

Maybe I should read some more of the book instead of just the 'what to do and when to do it' part....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

So far, I don't like having a "Carb Nite" - 8/19/14

Yes, I love having my 'sweet' foods once a week as a treat, but... I can't handle the stuffing that is supposed to occur once a week. I feel a little draggy, a little lethargic from Sunday night's binge. It could also be the lack of coffee in my system right now..

I was doing so great without any cravings for my 11 days, and today and yesterday the cravings for dried fruit, snacks, whatever, came right back. I'm wondering if this will be this vicious cycle of eliminating cravings and bad food for 6 days, having those bad foods one night, and then starting all over again.

We'll see how tonight goes with the workout. So far, I'd rather just do a low carb diet eating paleo-ish and clean foods, and have a little something one night a week. We'll see.

AND my weight spiked back up to 214 yesterday and today. If that shit doesn't change, then depriving myself of carbs all week long just to binge on Sunday nights and bloat back up will NOT be worth it.

Argh. Just discouraged now.