Friday, January 25, 2013

Crossfit Day 201 - 1 Year Crossfit Anniversary! - 1/24/13

ONE YEAR AGO TODAY I started Crossfit... here was the first thing I wrote about it..

Copy/pasted from FB:
Last week we had a new customer email us about making some decals for their Crossfit studio that they're opening right next to our warehouse. I spoke with her today and she invited me to come and try them out tonight, as they have a beginners' class this evening. So yeah. Wish me luck tonight at CrossFit Inertia. I'm a little nervous!

(and then after I tried it..)

Aahahahaaa Crossfit day 1 was incredible! I'm hooked!

HAAA... I know that wasn't very exciting, but still... I remember how awful, fat, gross I felt a year ago.. How I was hoping I would pick this amazing thing and stick with it, and hopefully see results soon. Now.. while I wish the results would show faster, I am still thrilled at the progress I've made..

I snapped these shots tonight (a day later..) for fun. Quadzilla, what?

Nevermind the exceptional Instagram quality.. ;)