Sunday, January 27, 2013

Crossfit Day 203 - I RAN A MILE! - 1/26/13

This was my own WOD. We had a rowing seminar that Saturday, but I opted to come in, run and just do some back squats. Which is exactly what I did!

We had been talking about running a mile a day, for time. Just to get better at it. Well, it JUST so happens that my badass friend Streaky had just told me that at one point, she started working on the shit that she wasn't so great at. Rowing, Running, Double Unders. Geez sounds AWFULLY familiar.... ugh, I hate running. and Double Unders. If I could do more than 3 at a time, I wouldn't hate them so much! Grr...

So I decided that today, I was just gonna do like a 400m run.. and then come back in and do some heavy squats.  I pulled out my ipod, cause this stuff is better with music, got through my first 400m, and I was like, fuck it, let's keep going.  So I went another 400... and then I thought about what Streaky had said, which encouraged me to push on for another 400m.  This was the first time I had to stop and walk for a few seconds, for about half a block.. and then  I thought, okay Im done now.. that was all.. but as I finished my 3rd lap around the block (400m) I said to myself, this is stupid. You'll regret not finishing the damn 4 laps. So I pressed on. My ankle tendons (the ones on the outsides of my legs/ankles) were on fire (just like they do when I go snowboarding) and my calves weren't too happy with me BUT I DID IT!!!!!! I checked my Cardio Trainer app and it showed that I finished in 11:23.. WHAAAA!?!?! I did a mile in less than 12 minutes? I'VE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!! Ecstatic!!

Here's what I wrote on FB:
I have never ever in my life ran a 12 min mile.. (I rarely even run more than 400m..) But today I ran a mile in 11:23. Yeah!! Pretty proud of myself. :) — with Jenn Streaky Yates.
:) Badass!