Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Crossfit Day 217 - 2/12/13

Yesterday.... almost caught up here!

Yesterday was an individual work out, even though it was another Bring a Friend day. I went in the morning for the WOD.

12 min AMRAP
6 push presses (95/65) I actually did them, even though it hurt my wrist. I feel that when I'm using it and stretching it, that it feels better.
8 ball slams
10 sit ups

I finished 8 + 18.

Went to run another mile and decided to stop and walk during the 3rd lap. Had killer back pain and didn't know why. I felt so defeated and awful, especially since Patrick and Shannon made it a point to run along with me. I felt like a failure. :(

I realized tonight that it's probably from the shoes. The shoes I WAS wearing were like, 1/2 size too small, but if I laced them differently, it gave me the room I needed in them. Well, even though they were New Balance minimus shoes (WR20), they had a tiny bit of arch support in them, which allowed for my back to feel pretty good during the previous runs. BUT.. today I had on my regular NB shoes.. My 730v1 shoes, which have zero arch support.  I'm going to try my other ones again and see if I notice a difference again. Hopefully it's an easy fix.