Monday, March 18, 2013

Afrin is a gift from God - 3/18/13

I feel like I've been dying a slow death for the last 2 days. Just moping around, lingering around the Jax Beach area, all ho hum. Waiting for the inevitable. This cold has gotten worse by the minute, it seems!

As I wrote to a friend earlier, who asked about my symptoms:
Up until today, my nose was fine. BUT.. I've been experiencing the following:
sore throat
crazy cough (itchy throat, like the only way to relieve it was to cough, but that just made it worse.. was awful)
lots of gross phlegm (ew) usually just yellow and white/clear, but lots of little pieces.
plugged up ears
NO fever.

and that was it.
I texted our dr and he said get some zyrtec D and mucinex max strength, so I did, and I took it. Felt alright but I'll chalk that up to the wondrous pseudoephedrine. Mmmm. Brings me back to my high school days!

Then last night happened.. I had to go upstairs and sleep because I didn't want my hacking to wake dave up. I was up ALL night coughing, over and over and over, it was hell. Nothing I did made it better. Just had to cough, spit the shit out, have a drink of water, and try to sleep again, then I'd wake up like 2 min later and repeat. Poor Sammi. She stuck by my side the entire time, too.

Today its been a hacking cough, still coughing shit up, throat isnt nearly as sore though. Made an appt with our Dr this morning, he didn't really tell me anything special, just said to keep taking the stuff he recommended. Except now my nose is running and I have to constantly blow it.

So now my symptoms are..

a runny, stuffy nose, a little bit of a sore throat, and a crazy cough, and still coughing shit up. Not achy, just tired and lethargic. No fever still. One of my eyes has been watering (its not allergies). A little bit of sinus pressure now too.
Ive tried
Zyrtec D
Tylenol Cold and Flu
Alka Seltzer cold and flu tablets
Vit C with Zinc and Echinacea
Visine for my eye.
Shit sucks.

As far as my runny nose goes, I waited, and held out, and refused, and said no for the last 24 hours.  I finally caved in and used my Afrin. This stuff was created by the gods and now I feel amazing. *takes a deep breath in through my nose..* ahhhhhhhhhh....

Next time, I won't bother waiting to use it. Just made myself miserable without it. We'll see how the rest of the night goes with this magical nectar.