Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Crossfit Day 229 - 3/5/13

Ended up back squatting as much as the boys today! Worked on our periodizations today.. getting up there in the weights and rep counts! My max today was 2 reps at 245lbs. My 1RM is 250, but next week I'm hoping to get a higher number. Definitely the shoes.. ;)

We did a 10 min EMOM today of 25 DUs and as many wall balls as possible in the remaining time. Your score is the number of wall balls you get.

Including a shoe change (no Oly shoes for jump ropes, it sucks!) and a wall ball swap (accidentally grabbed a 12 lb instead of a 16 lb ball) I still ended up doing 97 wall balls! I suck at DUs so I did 35 singles instead. YEAH.

do these squats make my butt look big? Lift Big Eat Big shirt. YEAH!