Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crossfit Day 263 - Hero Holleyman - 6/11/13

So I did Holleyman on Sept 11, 2012, and swore up and down it was one of my favorites.. apparently when you switch out things like... HSPUs for regular push ups and do 50lbs lighter than RX on your power cleans, it can essentially be much more 'fun'. I can see this now.. :D

So last time I did Holleyman I did it with 105lbs, and I did push ups instead of HSPUs because apparently my shoulder was bugging me. I finished all 30 rounds in 25:26 back then. AWESOME.

I was super psyched this time because I knew I'd get more weight for my power cleans, but Russ had 135lbs for RX for the girls this time, instead of 155lbs. (not sure which one is the real RX, and I didn't bother Googling.) BUT.. 135lbs for me is definitely something I can do! So I did.

Hero Holleyman
30 RFT
5 wall balls 20/16
3 HSPUs (i used a 45lb plate and an ab mat, didn't want to do 90 kipping HSPUs.. I would've definitely DNFed!)
1 Power clean 225/135

I RXed the weight and I finished in just under 35 min!! 34:54 woo!

Pretty excited. That was a HARD one! It was also really hot yesterday, and when I got home, I realized I was soaked all the way through all of my clothes. I had to peel them off and they went right in the washing machine. :) Excited for my CFTC 1 year anniversary in a couple days!