Saturday, November 30, 2013

Crossfit Day 317 - 11/30/13

Last day of November, holy moly it's gonna be December in an hour! Where did 2013 go?? So crazy how time seems to fly by faster than ever as we get older.

My teenage years seem SO LONG AGO. A different lifetime ago. Was that really me? Did I really do that? I identify myself mainly with who I am NOW, what I've done here and what we've built here. The business, Crossfit, our puppies. I don't really factor yoga into "Me" yet because it's still new to me. But Crossfit and Dali Decals are ME. That's my life. The fact that I did such stupid shit 17 years ago is just... embarrassing. Hah AND THAT IT WAS 17 YEARS AGO. God.. that's a person! An ADULT person! I could've had a kid when I was 15 and if I did, they'd be 17 years old right now! That's insane to think about.  *shaking off that thought*


Crossfit! Today was a great Saturday WOD! I told Kimberlee, who is Russell's older sister, visiting from Long Island, that I would be there today! We've been corresponding via FB for awhile now, and we finally got to meet! It was really cool, and we got along just as well in person as we do online. Always fun. :)

My wrists held out, although warming up with burpees was a shock to the system! We did this crazy warm up to Thunderstruck? by AC/DC. Every time they say ah ahh ahhh ah you squat, and every time they say Thunder or Thunderstruck you do a burpee. So we got into a BIIIIG circle around the whole gym (big class today!) and did it. Pretty awesome!

May I also add that I killed it on the 400m warm up run, as well! A RUNNER even commented how fast I ran it. Heeyyoo.. good thing we didn't have an 800m run though, just saying.

Anyway, first we started out with this stupid Death by Split Jumps, starting with 10 the first minute and increasing by 2 reps each minute. I didn't get very far! I got through 6 full minutes, and than half assed them for another 3-4 min and then just finally stopped.

The 2nd part was a 16 min EMOM with a partner, even though it ended up not mattering what your partner did, haha.

So.. for one minute you do max effort kettlebells, and then the next minute you do max effort push ups (ouch, wrists!).

I made it a goal to do 15 KB swings and 10 push ups each round, which gave me about 30 seconds of work and 30 seconds of rest each minute. The coaches didn't count right and we ended up doing an extra minute's worth of work, which for me was KBs, so I cranked out 25 instead of 15, for a total of 225. YEAH.

Kettlebell Happiness
Big Saturday Group today! Must've had lots of people in town visiting family for Thanksgiving, because there were quite a few new faces. So awesome!

Saturday WOD at Crossfit Total Control